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The Fortune and Julia Nem’s Lost is a pleasant yet formulaic approach to heartbreak tropes: Score Indie Reviews

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The duo known as The Fortune has released a new track Lost, a more indie-pop influenced tune. This makes it quite different from their previous release Tell Me Something that was seasoned with some fast-paced funk along with a dash of jazz. 

Lost is a more somber piece that finds featured guest Julia Nem lamenting a certain heartbreak and how without her beloved, she feels lost. The essence is simple and despite its formulaic narrative, Lost does catch up on you. If there’s a simple word to describe The Fortune’s discography so far, the word would be “catchy”. 

Their songs are catchy indeed even if they might not hit the mark every time. Lost is also accompanied by an animated music video that again looks graceful but presents a simplistic aesthetic that we would have seen in several other indie-pop (mostly the mellow, acoustic ones) videos in recent times.

As mentioned before, the catchy element of the track is highlighted by Nem’s lazy crooning especially towards the hook, while Dr Dhananj Shivganesh and Nikhil Pradip (aka The Fortune) boast ambient instrumentation that somehow gives off a spacey and tropical house vibe too. 

If there would be any flaws, it’s just that the ending of the songs sounds a tad bit abrupt. This again can be an intentional choice given how the themes of solitude and lack of closure are riddled throughout. 
To put it in a nutshell, Lost does make it evident that The Fortune is a duo that’s crafting easily palatable, light-headed music while chartering over different genres. It’ll be interesting to see the next genre the two would play around with.

Verdict: Lyrics on hopelessness mix adorned with an optimistic, feel-good sound.

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