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The Circuit: A New Hub for Artists in the Post-COVID World

As we all know, the current global pandemic has wreaked havoc all over, especially for music artists in the independent scene, most of whom were dependent on live gigs every now and then. As the pandemic still looms large, many professionals have resorted to working from home. As for artists, their work from home has included online concerts. There has been an upsurge in online concerts over the past few months. While these live performances might not capture the exhilaration of a real-life concert, they are still helping singers and musicians to make a quick buck while connecting intimately with their listeners. 

Sherrin Varghese’s, “The Circuit” attempts to improve this culture further as he converts his ‘once-upon-a-time digital property’ into a ‘multi-purpose concert-venue-studio’. The actor and singer who once led the first Indian boy band, A Band of Boys, was already contributing to the music scene through his YouTube series The Circuit that featured old and new artists in a series of interviews and performances.

In the current times of change, Sherrin plans to adapt with the times and help in giving a platform to emerging artists. The Circuit would now be a platform for artists to engage in online concerts, conferences, workshops, live stream sessions, and podcasts. Located in Andheri west, the venue would lead to homely musical affairs that would be ticketed online and can be streamed to any private or public RTMPS servers & social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Skype, Zoom among many others. 

An initiative like The Circuit would indeed help in giving a much-needed boost to the independent scene and plans to usher in a new era of Indian musical performances. Rather than just an amateurish jam-pads, The Circuit would offer professional live streaming services and logistics to its featured artists.

For instance, the audio and video recordings of each performance would be undertaken with multi cams and multi-stems, assisted with online editors and sound engineers. Even the post-production evokes a sense of professionalism with facilities such as multi-track audio recording, dubbing, mixing and mastering etc. 

As for the venue, artists would have the option of either performing or recording their show in an air conditioned controlled environment of 300 sq ft as well as a more spacious terrace environment of 600 sq ft. 

This audio video production suite also plans on offering music publishing services in the near future. To put it in a nutshell, Sherrin Varghese and his creative space is definitely going to offer more opportunities for artists to showcase their talents in a post-pandemic, online-driven world.s

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