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Tannison Mathews – I Promise is Captivating: Score Indie Reviews

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Tannison Mathews is an independent songwriter-producer from Bhopal, India. Tannison Mathews is known in the local circuit as the drummer/songwriter for the city based band ‘Bandishein’, and he started his independent project a year ago. Tannison Mathews strongly believes in the potential of music to spread the message of love, peace, hope, and unity.

As a result of his drive towards spreading his message, a lot of Tannison Mathews’ songs are cause-centric. His debut EP Everybody Matters is a splendid collection of such cause-oriented songs.

From the first track ‘Let it be Me’ which speaks about how people with special needs look for acceptance, to the last track ‘Rationality’ that is a wake up call to the people to not be swayed by hate and extremism – the EP seeks to address issues in a way that would appeal to the masses and yet resonate with the values it seeks to bring forth. After the wonderful EP, Tannison Mathews is back with his latest single “I Promise”, and that’s the track we are reviewing here.

“I Promise” speaks about a personal loss. It talks about how we tend to feel that there are some important people in our lives who seem to always be around despite not being physically around. Through “I Promise”, Tannison Mathews expresses his gratitude towards these loved ones who are still watching over him from the stars.

Musically, the song’s approach is very minimalist. Tannison Mathews’ vocals are what truly shine in the song as he does a great job of emoting through every note that he sings. With no major instrumental blanket to hide under, Tannison Mathews had his task cut out for himself and he came out with flying colours. With emotionally charged lines like ​All the days…I remember…Oh they crawl…Into my tears, ​Tannison Mathews has created a true tear jerker. Everyone who has suffered a personal loss will be able to empathize with Tannison Mathews’ pain and the fortunate ones who haven’t, will still be able to feel the sensation of pain and loss emanating from every single note.

Pain and loss are a part of life and not many people are gifted enough to express them as eloquently as Tannison Mathews, we promise you.

Verdict: Emotional, eloquent, exquisite.

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