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Sadu crafts a heartfelt neo-ghazal with Aankh Se Door Na Ho: Score Indie Reviews

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Sadasivan KM Nambisan aka Sadu has been an integral force to the early
years of Indian indie-pop being a part of the band Aryans. Now, in present
times, Sadu has often been experimenting with several genres showcasing
his versatility as a vocalist.

His latest work is a contemporary take on an iconic ghazal authored by
legendary Pakistani poet Ahmad Faraz. Sadu’s new single Aankh Se Door
Na Ho is heartfelt and soulful with his effortlessly calm and composed
vocals. Faraz’s lyrics fit in perfectly with the equally ambient

Even though Aankh Se Door Na Ho is beautifully sung, its slow pace might be a drawback. But for those who are on the lookout for some mellow, bittersweet songs on love and life, Sadu’s track might go right down their alley. After all, it’s a neo-ghazal that’s masterfully sung and composed.

In this era, it’s a risk to experiment with seemingly-archaic genres
like the ghazal as the new generation is getting increasingly cutoff from this
iconic Indian genre of music. The fact that he chose Faraz’s lyrics show Sadu’s appreciation and respect for high-grade art. But at the same time, he attempts to present these finely- written verses in such a way that it seems more appealing to contemporary demographics, rather than just sounding like a classic ghazal.

For this approach alone, Sadu deserves appreciation. Maybe, with songs like
these, more artists in the independent scene would fall into the habit of
reimagining ghazals.

Verdict: Sadu’s Aankh Se Door Na Ho is a finely-crafted reimagining of an iconic ghazal.

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