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Tejas – The Bombay Doors is Funky: Score Indie Reviews

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Whether it’s a 4-piece horn section, synthesizers, heavy guitars or just a single acoustic guitar, Tejas’ musical adventures have taken him to places that have allowed him to push well past his creative limits, all while keeping one foot firmly in pop-rock. Tejas’ lyrics speak about his own life and stories inspired by his own journey to find his own identity, having lived in multiple cities and having grown up outside his home country of India.

The prolific singer-songwriter grew up in Dubai and has lived in Pune and Hyderabad before moving to Mumbai and experiencing a lot of growth as a musician in the city. He is in the process of releasing his trilogy-concluding record “Outlast”, which will culminate the journey he set out on since his debut release “Small Victories”. Four months ago, he released “Lead”, the first single from “Outlast”. Now, Tejas is back with the next single, “The Bombay Doors” and that’s the song we are reviewing here.

“The Bombay Doors” is an ode to the incredible city of Mumbai. Lines like There’ll always be enough of a doorway, Through Bombay, do I stay or pass it by really hit home. The track is an extremely layered composition and the more layers you peel, the more good stuff you will find. The musical arrangement has an infectious sonic energy to it and it’s bound to make you groove, whether you are a Mumbaikar or not.

Tejas’s vocal melodies and delivery are also extremely commendable and do a great job of encapsulating the chaos of Mumbai. The energetic, exciting number hits the brakes a little and settles into a calming cruise towards the trend. The transition, though somewhat unexpected, definitely works. 

“The Bombay Doors” has been recorded at Mumbai’s famous Island City Studios. It has been masterfully produced by Tejas, Jehangir “JJ” Jehangir (of ska outfit The Fanculos) and Adil Kurwa (The Koniac Net, Letterz, The Colour Compound). The keys have been provided by Rohan Rajadhyaksha of Spud in the Box.

Trombone player Ramon Ibrahim, saxophonist Rhys Sebastian and trumpeter James Miranda have done a fantastic job with the song’s horn section. Mallika Barot has provided additional backing vocals for the track. “The Bombay Doors” has been mixed by Jehangir and mastered by Shawn Hatfield at Audible Oddities.

The “Bombay Doors” is an ambitious and exciting project which has been executed as meticulously as it has been planned.

Verdict: A resounding success.

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