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Krishna.K’s Indigo is a light song on the uke, a merry tune on companionship: Score Indie Reviews

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Krishna.K’s new single Indigo makes for an increasingly catchy listening session. Dedicated to a close friend, the song touches upon fuzzy memories from the singer’s past and how he has written many songs about this particular friend.

The production is simple yet elegantly done, entirely conducted on the ukulele by Krishna.K. The uke has been the singer-songwriter’s instrument of choice, as can be seen from his social media that’s filled with covers and originals on the ukulele. This song only bears further testimony to Krishna.K and the uke’s friendly relationship. In a music scene where artists are trying to get more and more involved in exploring sophisticated and experimental production, Krishna.K brings a warm charm with Indigo.

The song’s production is definitely greatly done but at the same time, it projects such a heartfelt sound that one can imagine the singer singing casually in a room with no recording equipment. In that sense, the artist does yield potential in genres such as bedroom pop, or chill pop. An added charm is of course, the composure of the singer’s voice, that seems to hold a middle ground between a certain playfulness as well as maturity. The very fact that he’s just 18 implies a good-enough future in Krishna.K delivering more chilled-out yet emotional tunes like Indigo.

Verdict: Indigo’s sound might be similar but never does this heartfelt ukulele song get boring.

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