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Indie Music Review- Tejas leads his listeners to a new dawn in “Lead”

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Mumbai-based pop rocked Tejas is soon to come out with his upcoming LP Outlast, debuting its single called Lead. What sets some of Tejas’s songs from his other indie peers is how tends to not be stuck with the “laidback slow jam” formula always but tries to orchestrate pop anthems instead. Tejas’s Lead goes right down this alley.

Filled with rich, inspirational horn and drum sections, the singer’s relaxed voice blends beautifully especially towards the end when he repeats the chorus. The background musicians like drummer Jehangir Jehangir and bassist Adil Kurwa need to get special mention as they play a major role in adding to the upbeat vibe of the song. The anthemic feel provides a much-needed spark of positivity, especially after the tense atmosphere that the global pandemic seems to have created.

As Tejas sings “I’m sorry Mary I can’t be your sheep. Show me where I’ve got to lead”, he leads his herd of listeners to a new dawn making the song a perfect listen to start the day. With his 2017 debut Make It Happen, Tejas also proved his versatility in handling pop-rock and related subgenres. So, after Lead, we can expect his other singles to be of a different sound. Still, somehow Tejas has always been consistent in his music when it comes to bringing positivity.

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