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Samantha Noella’s 5 Minute Fudge is an interesting sample of ‘culinary songwriting’: Score Indie Reviews

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Singer-songwriter Samantha Noella’s new single is a jazz number that can quickly grow on its listeners. Noella uses culinary references as metaphors in her song, with each verse sounding like a set of recipe instructions. The so-called 5 minute fudge when ready, would make one’s ‘load lighter’ and ‘the world a little brighter’. It’s an amusing allegory, a far cry from the usually abstract notions of love and life that many indie songs emulate otherwise.

The overall sound too is breezy throughout, with Noella’s voice carrying a light-hearted charm. The featured guest on the track is the renowned drummer Gino Banks who keeps the momentum of the song running, assisted with some fine keys by Anurag Naidu. The composition (by Noella herself) and the production are both great enough for making 5 Minute Fudge an extremely catchy song. Karl Peter’s work on the bass also deserves a mention for this brilliantly-orchestrated amalgamation of jazz sounds.

The repeatability and catchiness can perhaps be explained by the fact that the song’s duration passes on very swiftly. The track clocks at 5 minutes and 39 seconds. And yet, never does it feel dragged out. Noella’s verses flow smoothly with every second. There might not be many variations in the music and vocals but the theme and somber aura of the song is enough to engage listeners till the very end. If you need a song to lighten your mood, 5 Minute Fudge can be an easy option.

It transcends several tropes in the present music scene (especially in terms of songwriting) and is jazzy enough without sounding too dated or cliched.

Verdict: In the words of Samantha Noella herself, ‘5 Minute Fudge, that’s all you need.’

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