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The album by Tejas is going to outlive and ‘Outlast’ your monsoon favourites: Score Indie Reviews

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An intense sonic exploration, they’ve thrown in strings, horns, acoustic drums, electronic drums, via different textures. If you’re a fan of the kind of music that is very easy to listen to but is structured, complex and layered, with substantial emphasis on note selection, the latest album by Tejas and
Friends is for you.

Outlast is about perseverance, about the small victories. It is a pop meditation on the allure of nostalgia versus the strength to create newer futures, an amalgamation of an eclectic group of genres.

If you’re new to Tejas’ line of music, he is an original pop-rock artist from Mumbai, a singer-songwriter known for his signature genre-bending variety of sounds and landscapes. Whether it’s a 4-piece horn section, synthesizers, heavy guitars or just a single acoustic guitar, Tejas’ musical
adventures have taken him to places that have allowed him to push well past his creative limits, all while keeping one foot firmly in pop-rock. Some of his more famous tracks are ‘Brave’ featured in Rock Onn 2, ‘Make It Happen’ & ‘Foresight’ featured in The Big Day on Netflix.

Created by band members Tejas, Jehangir “JJ” Jehangir and Adil Kurwa, the latest album – “Outlast” is a labour of love that has taken the better part of 3 years to construct and features musicians and instrumentalists primarily from Mumbai. Majorly mixed and produced during the Covid19 pandemic,
plenty of the album was shaped from short, isolated stints at individual homes over Zoom, embodying the album’s thematic spirit of endurance.

The first to ‘Lead’ from the album, in the signature Tejas style rock-pop apexes his vocals mellifluously. Contrasting to the majority of electro-techno numbers that we are inundated with, in recent times, ‘Lead’ with its actual use of percussion, complimenting guitar tune, higher notes and
astute lyrics is refreshing. The ‘Bombay Doors’ open you to a world of intrigue with its entrancing visuals, electronic guitar beats, vocals pulled in high notes, brimming with depth and substance.

With ‘Figure 8’ s techno beats you’ll will get into the groove as the music picks up pace, it’ll make you want to let loose a little. ‘Forget conversations’ through its soft, uplifting guitar strums and a fine blend of percussions will become your go-to song during the drizzles. ‘Is Anyone listening?’ penned
with pensive lyrics, combined with euphonic sounds and settings, is the perfect musical happy ending that this playlist needed.

Verdict: This album will definitely outlast your monsoon favourites playlist.

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