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Rudra | Layaatraa: A Drum Siddharth Collective | Ft. Naveen Kumar & Guy Bernfeld: Score Indie Reviews

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Drummer Siddharth Nagarajan is a Drummer/ Music Producer who started very early at the tender age of 2.5 years. Born into a family of well renowned musicians, he grew up around music. He currently holds five National records and two international records which includes the Guinness world record for playing the most number of drum beats in a minute (2109 beats) making him the World’s Fastest Drummer.

Layaatraa is the rhythmic journey of Drummer Siddharth. The name Layaatraa is the portmanteau of Layam which means Rhythm and Yaatraa which means journey. The journey so far has featured three releases. The first track “Run” featured Drummer Siddharth collaborating with the Drumming legend of the 90s Jamie Borden from Las Vegas. The second track “Highways 142” features the 15 year old Bass prodigy Gabriel Severn. His abilities have been recognized by numerous jazz legends and he has already performed at many jazz festivals. Layaatraa’s next stop is “Rudra” and that’s the song we are reviewing here.

“Rudra” is a rollercoaster ride of a song composed by Drummer and Music Producer Siddharth Nagarajan from Chennai. It features flautist Naveen Kumar from India and bassist Guy Bernfeld from Israel. Continuing on the vein of the previous tracks released as a part of Layaatraa: A Drum Siddharth Collective, Run is a beautiful instrumental track that fuses different genres with an Indian touch.

“Rudra” is an Indian Jazz fusion track that has some intense Indian polyrhythms and melody flowing on a base of the Raag “Charukesi”. This Jazzy interpretation has a cool way of bringing in all 12 notes of a chromatic scale in the song.

With “Rudra”, Drum Siddharth has crafted a lush and exciting track that encapsulates the essence of rhythm based fusion music. Drum Siddharth and Guy Bernfeld propel a fantastic rhythm section with Naveen Kumar’s folky flute tunes floating over it. “Rudra” eschews a traditional song structure for a beautifully spun, gorgeously told wordless narrative that’s capable of making you hold your breath for six minutes. You might need a few listens to absorb all the stuff that’s going on, but trust us, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Verdict: Hits hard.

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