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Tavish’s self-titled EP is a promising debut: Score Indie Reviews

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Tavish is the new EP by Pune native Tavish (who originally hails from Navsari, Gujarat). Even though the EP marks his solo debut, the artist has had his fair share with live performances and singing, serving as an active member for groups like the prog-rock outfit Balalaika and the dubstep-rock group N Dimensions.

However, the EP simply christened Tavish, tends to move towards a more ambient pop and soft-rock territory. Acoustic sounds and a calm and composed vocal style adorn most of the EP’s tracks. Each track boasts of good-enough philosophical lyrics on love, separation, and similar themes. The thematic elements aren’t that visionary to an extent but Tavish’s vocal composure helps in keeping the EP afloat.

Fans of artists with easygoing vibes, like Nikhil D’Souza and older classic Indian acts like Silk Route, would love this EP and should definitely give it a listen. While the two opening chapters Tum Jo Ho and Vaadey Haseen sound somewhat similar, and feature a slow-paced mellow-sounding arrangement. Raasta, the next song, is a good departure from the spacey mood.

One of the best tracks from the EP, Raasta is a cheerful song about embracing the uncertainty of life. Raasta easily bears the potential to become a journey song of sorts for road trips. It’s a light-headed departure from the songs before it, and adds to the EP’s diverse influences. A simple strumming pattern and Tavish’s youthful vocal style make it sound even better. 

Overall, the EP doesn’t just tend to evoke acoustic indie-pop but also a handful of relaxing Bollywood romantic songs, at least in lyrical terms. For instance, Tu Bewafa To Nahin is set against a playful tone, as the singer introspects on the certain highs and lows of his beloved, and the relationship that he shares with this special someone. Tavish tends to feel a certain distance from his lover and hence questions if this person still loves him. More than the vocals, it’s the instrumental arrangement that shines in this song. 

Hum-Nasheen closes the EP on a mellow note, adorned with soothing slap-and-strum guitaring. Tavish’s crooning in the chorus as he sings, ‘Hum-Nasheen, meri bhi sunle tu kabhi…’ sounds extremely soulful and sums up the overall mood of the EP. 

If one is to analyse the songs together, Tavish’s EP is definitely a highly promising debut record. Somewhere down the line, the songs end up sounding a tad bit similar but if nothing, Tavish does unleash his future potential. His lyrics are touching and poetic and yet easy-to-understand. His voice boasts of rich layers and he doesn’t seem to be mimicking any mainstream indie-pop artists (as otherwise many in the indie scene tend to bear a similar tone these days). 

Verdict: Tavish flows with serene songs and serene moods. 

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