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Kya Pata, the new single by Bad Trip is incredibly moving: Score Indie Reviews

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Mellow, existential bi-lingual lyrics greet an alt-rock production in Kya Pata. The song feels like a perfect listen for those who feel lost in the crowd, searching for their identity. With thoughtful songwriting and a soothing, bittersweet sound, Bad Trip sounds contemporary enough while also resounding an Indian musical past marked by outfits like Indus Creed and the like. 

Shifting between Hindi and English can often be a risk for several songs, especially if both the languages are being switched by the same vocalist. Vedant Shandilya however handles the transition smoothly (which might work for most, barring a few listeners), keeping his balmy voice steady while the music gets incredibly emotional with every passing minute. 

A dramatic guitar interlude from the third minute onwards is definitely the high-point of the song, courtesy of guitarists Aaron Asher and Rishab Koul, while Piyush Thomas’s drums contribute to the energy. Bassist Saira Ahmed on the other hand, also contributes heavily to the mellowed-down portions of the track. 

As the song dwells on solitude as a theme, the video stars a classic ‘sad clown’ of sorts. Directed by Oshin, the video features a lonely protagonist wearing face paint, who walks amidst the bustle of Connaught Place as just another speck in the dust. The visuals are definitely poetic while Connaught Place also seems like an ideal shooting location to show a mindless self-obsessed crowd, while also serving as a reminder of Bad Trip’s Delhi roots.

Rock and alt-rock specifically, might arguably not carry the influence it once used to in the Indian independent music space. The addition of hip-hop, electronic fusion, and acoustic indie pop has definitely altered the dynamics. Of course, a niche audience still exists for specific genres but singles like Kya Pata can help in the resurgence of an alternative sound, devoid of any electronica or hip-hop sampling. Kya Pata is nostalgic. Kya Pata is contemporary. Kya Pata is worth checking out…

Verdict: A good trip by Bad Trip.

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