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Nikhil D’Souza – Woh Raat is Pretty: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai based singer-songwriter Nikhil D’Souza has kicked off 2021 with a contemplative new single ‘Woh Raat’, today. This serene song deals with our casual usage of words and how we inadvertently end up affecting people by our choice in them. The feelings and emotions loaded in words carry more power than what we comprehend at times. Some words are spoken with meaning, while others are casually thrown out there – like a passing hello, or a goodbye.

Woh Raat is about reminding ourselves that even a casual goodbye can prove to be a point of no return. In relationships where we break up, imagining a “goodbye” is just a pause till you sort things out again, every once in a while we find that the other person actually meant it and has moved on. Nikhil D’Souza has been there once, and that was enough for him. “Woh Raat” chronicles that event and also serves as a reminder for him (and the listeners) to say goodbye again.

“Woh Raat” is deeply lyrical and intimate. Musically, it’s very simplistic and utilizes a basic acoustic guitar pattern to carry the song’s vocal melody along. It’s a simplistic, seductive, and melodic blend of acoustic guitar with soulful vocals. You can clearly hear that this is the work of a confident and mature artist.

The minimalist yet somehow sonorous sound of “Woh Raat” has a darkness that balances the light, a dark undertow that serves to put Nikhil D’Souza’s melodies in beautiful bas relief. The delicate tune moves along with a quiet groove which never threatens to overwhelm the tenderness of the track. 

“Woh Raat” is equally emotional and intelligent. It is clearly the work of a master craftsman with instinctive musical gifts, packing a lot of lyrical emotion in a musically minimalist package. D’Souza not only writes amazing harmonies, he knows how to arrange them for maximum impact, and how to play with tension and release, without an ounce of cheesiness or overstatement. 

“Woh Raat” is about a night that Nikhil D’Souza will never forget. He has written and performed it so well that the result is a track that you will never forget. 

Verdict: Memorable and poignant.

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