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Tannison Mathews and Wilson Lakra’s Honor aims to be a motivational anthem: Score Indie Reviews

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Honor is quite a different pursuit for Tannison Mathews, as compared to his former discography. This track is more driven by electronic music, with Wilson Lakra handling the song’s production and composition. It’s not like Mathews hasn’t experimented with electronica before but his voice often resonates with a sound that’s suited for acoustic songs. In Honor, he experiments further with a wavy, autotune driven voice. 

While it can definitely be a good sign of the singer’s versatility, the autotune might sound a tad bit robotic for some listeners. The lyrics too aim for a motivational anthem but can suffer from the flaw of sound slightly cliched. The themes of honor, not giving up to anything, they have been touched upon vastly both in songs from India and overseas. 

Yet Mathews’ vocals are still melodious enough to hold the attention of listeners. Wilson Lakra’s production also goes well with the song. Their collaboration does hold promise if they decide to release another song together in the near future. With quite a considerable number of single releases, Tanison Mathews does deserve a pat on his back for trying to explore new themes all through this year. Honor further boasts of his attempts to never stick with one musical style. 

Further, with a song like this (electronic sound, and motivational lyrics), he does attempt at creating a melody of anthemic quality. Maybe, the lines ‘ Honor comes around when you give up to nothing, live up to something big’, are reminiscent of his own journey as a musician, and his perpetual journey of cooking up new experiences and sounds.

Verdict: A track of anthemic qualities that finds Tannison Mathews experiment with new styles. 

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