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Tannison Mathews and Sharad craft a heartfelt, positive ode to the past with Days of December: Score Indie Reviews

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The lyrics of Tannison Mathews and Sharad’s new single Days Of December doesn’t seem to give it away directly but it seems like both artists do miss the days of the pre-corona era. 

Smoothly produced by Mathews and soulfully sung by Sharad, the singer seems to croon about the titular Days of December as he evokes a sense of nostalgia thinking about the better days of the past, and how it’s these memories that keep him content in the present. Mathews’ lyrics brim with bittersweet elements that contribute to the overall emotional feel of the song. The sound too evokes nostalgia as it seems vaguely familiar to classic 2000s soft rock/country anthems. 

So, does Days Of December break any new ground?

Its familiar sound doesn’t make it the most original pick from recent indie
releases but it delivers a lot of real and relatable emotions from its artists. The wholeheartedness and relatability are what makes the song worthy of being played on repeat.

Verdict: Even if December isn’t your favourite month, this song would make you miss the best times from your past years. 

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