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Andrea Jeremiah X ADK Feat. Prithvi Chandrasekhar – Ezhunthu Va is Invigorating: Score Indie Reviews

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Some songs serenade you, some songs calm you down, some songs make you relax, some songs make you nostalgic, and then there are songs like Ezhunthu Va, which make you get off your feet, grab life by the scruff of its neck and shake it till it gives you what you want. If you were looking for an inspirational, rousing anthem to get your engines going, Andrea Jeremiah, ADK and Prithvi Chandrasekhar have brought just the song for you. 

“Ezhunthu Va” has some really motivational lyrics that have the power to turbocharge you on your gloomiest of days. On top of that, the song has been performed with such infectious energy that you would definitely want to do something after listening to it. Monday Blues, Tuesday Troubles, Wednesday Woes, Thursday Turmoil, Friday Fear, Saturday Scuffle or Sunday Snag, “Ezhunthu Va” is going to fix all of them with just a single listen. 

Thematically, the song is centred around the independence of our mind and the freedom of ideas. You can’t really be free outside until your mind is free. With “Ezhunthu Va”, Andrea Jeremiah and ADK remind you of the power that you hold inside. The power to stop wars, to fly, to wear the crown, to be the reason, and be the harbinger of the change that you want to see. The song is a call to arms and an invitation for you to rise and become the person you want to be and make the world the place you dream of living in. 

ADK does an exceptional job spitting his brilliant bars over the track’s fiery beats and Andrea Jeremiah provides some soaring vocals to drive the song’s point home. If her soaring, spectacular chorus doesn’t get you charged up, perhaps nothing else will.

The song has been produced by Prithvi Chandrasekhar who has done a great job of bringing all the elements together in one cohesive piece. The track was recorded and produced at his Chennai based Krimson Avenue Studios. The production quality is definitely one of the highlights of this track.

“Ezhunthu Va” is written and performed in a way that it can wake you up from your deepest slumber and make you go out and win.

Verdict: A roaring battle cry.

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