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Diamond is an upbeat, motivational debut for Sushant Divgikar aka RANI Ko-HE-Nur: Score Indie Reviews

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Model, influencer, and drag artist Sushant Divgikar has been involved in several pursuits, music being one of his passions. Some would be aware of Divgikar through his stint at Bigg Boss while some would know him as the title-holder of Mr. Gay India in 2014, and so on. Now, Divgikar finally shines as a full-fledged solo musician debuting a pop/R&B number called Diamond under his alter ego RANI Ko-HE-Nur.

A motivational power anthem, Diamond finds the artist touching upon how a diamond shines in each one of us and the whole world’s judgment doesn’t matter as long as one has faith in oneself. With power-packed vocals and an energetic sound, the lyrics are easy to comprehend and can hype up the listener with just the opening seconds. 

For the song’s composition and lyrics, Divgikar sought the help of Top Storey bandmate Arthur Lobo while the accompanying music video too features the singer’s friends and family. The chorus is arguably the most impactful portion of the song, with lyrics like ‘You can stare at me but never look through me’. 

The song, of course, seems to stem from a personal place and as Divgikar’s Instagram post for Diamond read, ‘I made this song because we all have been called names and have been labelled and tagged by people around us at some point in time but I just want to tell everyone that those tags, labels and names people gave you aren’t YOUR REALITY! YOU are YOUR REALITY!’.

Not only impactful and socially relevant, Diamond also seems to be quite a catchy track with its aforementioned chorus itself being catchy enough to be played on repeat. It’s definitely one of the best debuts to have come out in 2020. Here’s hoping the dynamic artist behind it is involved in more traks like Diamond.

Verdict: Diamond shines bright as expected.

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