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Sanjeev T’s ambitious collaboration Bure Khayaal is a darkly satisfying track: Score Indie Reviews

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The title of this review uses the word ‘ambitious’ even though producer/guitarist Sanjeev T‘s new track features relatively lesser-known (but heavily underrated) artists Kartikay and Keya Pothen. And yet terming the song Bure Khayaal ambitious seems apt because it has a highly professional, and finesse-filled touch to it. 

Bure Khayaal is a high-quality product, easily making for one of the finest releases of the year. Whether it be Keya’s breezy vocals or Kartikay’s thought-provoking rap verses, the song is an ambient-sounding reminder of a few dark truths. Eternal sadness and loss seem to be a takeaway from the song (and its accompanying video) but it also offers hope on how to get out of this melancholy eventually. Acceptance of this reality is essential for leading the rest of life. 

For instance, two women are the central characters in the music video beautifully shot and directed by Rajaram Rajendran and Rajeev Thomas respectively. When one of the women passes away, the other faces a tough time in getting over it but eventually, she does. And that’s probably how life is, whether we like it or not. 

The song starts off with some mellow auto-tune crooning by the Delhi-based hip-hop artist Kartikay that sounds wavy enough and sets the tone of the song. This transcends into his philosophical verses. Of course, Sanjeev T deserves a pat on his back for his chilled-out yet soulful production. He gets his own moment to shine too as the song’s third act is integrated with a highly satisfying electric guitar portion by him.

While the aforementioned music video is aesthetic enough, just look at the portions from the fourth minute onwards. The producer casually walks on an empty road under the night sky, an electric guitar swinging by his neck. Hypnotised by his own music, he starts playing his guitar solo. Visually and sonically, that moment is one of musical purity.

That moment itself is enough proof for the greater potential that Sanjeev T can unleash with his future independent releases (having already made his mark in the film industry). In fact, Bure Khayaal is a part of his upcoming album Future. Well, his newly-converted fans from Bure Khayaal would watch his ‘future’ with great interest!

Verdict: Poignant, heartfelt, relevant, and easily one of the best releases of 2020.

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