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Athul Prabhu’s baatein/adhoori is a sombre, mellow reminder of incomplete love stories: Score Indie Reviews

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Athul Prabhu is quite the singing/songwriting talent to watch out for especially in the acoustic-driven indie pop genre, as seen in his previous single Khaali Si Rooh. In his new track baatein/adhoori, he talks delves on the theme of incomplete relationships. Basically, there seem to be some bonds of love that eventually fall out of love for unclear reasons.

The partners fail to understand where did they falter or lose their direction. Prabhu attempts to understand this conflict through the song, as he wishes to go back in time to understand the relationship better.The song follows a consistent structure with Athul Prabhu crooning over gentle acoustic strums and drumming. 

The overall tone is bittersweet, and the musical interludes from the third minute onwards add more drama and energy to track as the pace quickens. Jason D’Souza’s production is ambient enough for the mellow vibes that the song tries to achieve. Whether baatein/adhoori is catchy or not, that can be a polarizing opinion for listeners. But it still makes for a great pick for listening at odd hours of the night or at any time of the day when you feel the moody blues of heartbreak or when you miss an old lover. And of course, Prabhu’s vocals are pretty comforting to say the least. 

Verdict: A heart-touching attempt at at fixing pieces of the past.

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