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Sunny M.R. ‘Unsung Verses’ unravels his musical genius as he experiments with contemporary beats with a nod to Bollywood music – Score Indie Reviews

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Sunny M.R.‘s solo project, Unsung Verses, is a love ode to the highs and lows in life which have been intricately woven into soothing yet robust songs. Each song represents a deep emotion that this talented performer has poured from his heart and soul. Armed with a gifted voice and an experience in the music industry for over 20 years, have made him well versed in this craft. 

Comprising of 11 tracks, each song has its own ability to stand on its feet and shine brightly amongst a myriad of indie music. Throughout the album, a lingering nostalgia of Bollywood music that packs a punch with the contemporary flair brings forward a music experience that is surely well suited for any audience. 

Beginning with the song ‘Kahaniyan’ which begun with a soothing instrumental and subtly submerged into the echoing vocals by the singer. The song builds for its monumental chorus that leaves the listener wanting more.

‘Chaubaare’ is a song that lingers in the heart for a long time as it provides a contemporary Bollywood feels with bit and parts feeling like an ode to A.R. Rehman’s music which is coupled with beats for a groovy techno touch. 

The showstopper of this album is definitely ‘Lifafa’, whose lyrics are a crowd pleaser that the youth can resonate with. The chorus has an energetic rhythm that lures the listener to get up and shake a leg. 

In the track ‘Pancchi’, the lyrics speak metaphorically about a ‘bird’, which can be interpreted as the innate aspirations and dreams that are unbridled by society and wants to soar high in the sky. 

‘Paheli’ is a very easy breezy song, while ‘Kaafila’ has a more Westernised touch with more emphasis on the power of sound technology to create a unique cadence. 

‘Barkha’, ‘Zariya’ and ‘Azaad’ all have an element of interest that highlights Sunny M.R.’s versatility as he experiments with different sounds that hit and soothe at the same time. 

Overall, this album though can feel slightly repetitive at times but doesn’t lose its grasp over the listener. Sunny M.R.’s melodious voice serves as a cherry on the cake which can easily make him one of the artists to look out for. Unsung Verses rightly captures the feeling of thoughts that are in one’s head but cannot be put into words which the singer has masterfully projected in this delightful album. 

Verdict: Upbeat, Bollywood feel, Feel Good

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