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Raj Pandit’s Latest Release ‘Maahaul’ is a Sweet Treat – Score Indie Reviews

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Raj Pandit, who has previously released club bangers like ‘Haal Chal’ & ‘Vibe’ has come out with a completely different vibe this time. His latest release ‘Maahaul’ can essentially be called an acoustic track with a hint of Raj’s signature groovy beats. This song shows the versatility of Raj in terms of production and vocals, and the composition is on point like all times.

‘Maahaul’ is a sweet song. It talks about the pure joy of being in the presence of your lover. The lyrics “Khila hai mogre sa dekh ye nazaara, Gaya hai dil mere haath se Bechara, Dhadkan meri rahi hai bol ve, Tu aa gaya te baneya maahaul ve” are written by IP Singh and Raj has treated it with the love it deserved. 

The song starts with charming guitar licks. This fun riff becomes the holding point throughout the track and is a strong basis for the feel-good spirit of the song. A constant smooth bass balances the higher frequency instruments like guitar, flute, and a brass instrument. The composition itself is beautiful in terms of maintaining pattern, and adding harmonic variability to it. Raj definitely has the talent to create earworms and ‘Merchant Records’, the record he has signed up with is surely aware of it.

One thing that the song could have benefitted from is having more elaborate interludes to marinate the composition in between the verses. The strong composition had the power to hold a more complex arrangement while keeping the listeners engaged to it.

It would be incomplete to review this track without mentioning the pleasant music video. The vibrant colours and story of the video makes the whole package a saccharine.

As a whole, the song is captivating, soothing, and cute. Definitely a track that people in love can listen to on repeat.

Verdict: Melodic, on point, delightful

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