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Biancca’s rock ballad ‘Uljhe Dil’ is a perfect rendition of the boisterous heart – Score Indie Reviews

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A love-struck heart or a broken one, both are incredibly hard to understand, let alone take care of. It can get you into a mess, or sometimes just leave you confused. Biancca’s latest release ‘Uljhe Dil’ talks about this exact frustration with a heart entangled with another even after a heartbreak. The pop-rock ballad starts with a slow, mellow guitar riff which is then followed by Biancca’s strong vocals. The melody then steadily builds with heavy drum intersections that still have a sort of lightness to them, reminiscent of the ’90s. 

Along with a killer guitar solo in the midsection, the song’s rough texture is balanced out by the artist’s stylised, powerful vocals. The odd-time riffs complement the song that showcases Biancca’s skills throughout the song. With a catchy chorus, the music conveys the mood perfectly well along with the lyrics that are quite poetic. Lyrically, ‘Uljhe Dil’ meanders through the strange nature of the heart that leaves the owner in a dilemma. The influence of modern rock perfectly conveys the feelings of dilemma, helplessness and confusion when coupled with the lyrics.

Vocally, the artist has done a very good job of showing what she is capable of. While the first half of the song shows how she can breathe life into the lyrics by emoting it perfectly, the last part shows what she is as a vocalist. The sweet switch to the falsetto is like a sneak peek into what she can do. 

The well-made song can thereby be called a killer debut by this upcoming singer-songwriter. It shows the confusion, anger, and frustration of the narrator perfectly well through the melody, lyrics and vocals. Only time will tell what this talented artist has in store next.

Verdict: catchy, emotive, powerful. 

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