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Sridev Ramesh’s Lemonade From Apples is a dreamy and blissful tune: Score Indie Reviews

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Lemonade From Apples, the new single by singer-songwriter Sridev
Ramesh, is an exercise in calmness from its very beginning to the end. Set
against a gentle, dreampop-like electric guitar tune, the song sounds equal
parts merry and mellow.

It makes for perfect relaxation music in case if listeners are in the mood for
a song that’s not too heavy for the head. This mood is carried forward by
Ramesh’s ambient lyrics which seem to highlight the artist fighting away
daydreaming and the everyday monotony of lazy afternoons.

Be it the song’s production or lyrics, the essence lies in simplicity.
Lemonade From Apples offers the feel of a Rex Orange County song (or
Raghav Meattle if one is to look at examples closer home), and would be a
perfect addition to the playlist of chill-pop or dreampop aficionados.
Ramesh’s vocals are breezy and perfectly suit the aforementioned moods
of the song. His single might not be totally out of the box as it can draw
comparisons. However, at the same time, it’s a smooth, well-written track
that brims with a slight easiness to life.

Unlike any typical contemporary indie songs, Sridev Ramesh isn’t crooning
about a heartbreak or delving on the deep philosophies of life. Instead, his
verses are laidback and relatable, set against a melody that’s bound to
soothe everyone. To put it in a nutshell, Lemonade From Apples might not
be a deep, experimental work of music but it emphasizes on a simpler aura
that the singer is successful at pulling off.

Verdict: It’s not possible to make ‘lemonade from apples’, but Sridev
Ramesh makes it possible to make a fine song out of that very thought.

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