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Morethanray – Lost is Thunderous: Score Indie Reviews

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Canadian-bred and New Delhi-based hip hop artist Rahul Singh, who goes by the moniker of Morethanray, fell in love with hip hop from a very young age. Growing up in Montreal, Canada, he started penning down rhymes from a very young age itself. The moniker of Morethanray tells the story of the artist. Rahul Singh’s journey of creating music is based on a deep and very personal process that began with self-reflection which he articulated through writing-  towards finding something More Than Ray.

He also wanted to find his niche and ensure that his brand of music is unapologetically authentic. Because of that drive, even after writing and recording his songs, he took his time releasing them. Morethanray released his debut single “Gone” in July 2019. It was followed by “Vibes” in July 2020. Now, he has released his third single “Lost” and that’s the track we are reviewing here.

“Lost” is an extension of Morethanray’s narrative of self actualisation. The thumping track explores the process of moving on from losses without losing yourself. The song emphasizes the importance of one’s mindset when it comes to dictating one’s life. It eulogizes the importance of staying true to yourself, tuning out your naysayers, and continuing to defy the odds until the point that everyone begins to trust in your vision. You can clearly feel Morethanray’s emotions in his approach towards writing the song.

The production duties on “Lost” are being handled by Morethanray’s favourite producer, ICONYK (Nikhil Malik) and he has done a great job with the mix. The beat goes down hard but it never overpowers the fiery bars that Morethanray spits. The rapping is poetic with some great usage of dense metaphors, wordplay, alliterations, and multis. Layered over the infectious beat are lyrics laced with pop culture and sports references like the ones to former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch and Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari. The synthwave style outro is a nice finishing touch to the song. 

Morethanray’s international sensibilities coupled with his fervent desire to stay true to his articulation of the genre – without being swayed by the ‘running formulas’ closer home or abroad – have surely placed him in the list of artists to watch out for. If you haven’t checked out any of his tracks so far, “Lost” is as good a place as there is to start.   

Verdict: Fiery bars from a budding rap star.

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