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“An old friend once told me something that gave me great comfort.  He said that Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin never died, they simply became music.” – Dr. Ford, Westworld

Ever think you were born in the wrong time? Or that you could go back to the 60’s and 70’s where music was really music? No? Er, okay. (awkward pause). But let’s pretend you all said yes.

While most of you are familiar with the Western greats of that time there aren’t very many who’ve tapped into the world of Indian retro yet. But if you ask me (and yes I’m aware that no one did) some of the Indian bands of that era were just as talented as the western! Unfortunately, during that time, it was hard to establish yourself as a musician and there wasn’t much potential for global recognition. However, some of these artists were quite the hit makers among niche crowds all over India.

With inspirations from big names like The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones and all that was good about the good old era of rock n roll, The Cavaliers, The Savages, Calcutta-16 and The Ladybirds and were all makers of some truly great music, the kind that would go great in an old timey classic.

Some of them are now retired and some live through their music. Either way there’s no such thing as a “has been” when it comes to art (well I don’t think so anyway!). Because music always just – “is”. Music has the power to take you back in time, make you feel what you used to feel and relive past moments as they were, if only for a few minutes.

So let’s do a bit of “retro”specting with these brilliant tracks that sum up the sixties and seventies perfectly!

I would recommend listening to these on a long drive through a big open road – ‘cause I feel like it would add to the charm somehow. But then all you can do is lead the horse up to the lake, whether or not he plays some good music en route, is really up to him.

Song: Rickshaw
Artist: The Cavaliers

Song: Voice from the inner souls
Artist: The Confusions

Song: Proper strangers
Artist: Genuine Spares

Song: Little Miss Muffet
Artist: Raja Andrew & The Nawabs

Song: Peace of Mind
Artist: Combustibles

Song: Mist
Artist: Great Bear

Song: I’ll be myself
Artist: Madhu & The Professionals

Song: Sea of sorrow
Artist: The Great Society

Song: Pain
Artist: The Savages

Song: One eyed woman
Artist: Calcutta – 16

Song: Vagabond
Artist: Raja Andrew & The Nawabs

Song: Love is a mango
Artist: The Cavaliers

Song: Sitar Man
Artist: Arun Amin’s Aspirations

Song: The Trip
Artist: Usha Iyer & The Flintstones

Song: The mod trad

Artist: Black Beat

Song: Ballad of purple innovation
Artist: Calcutta-16

Song: Simla beat theme

Artist: Fentones

Song: Psychedelic web
Artist: Brood of Vipers

There were a few others I’d have liked to have included on here, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a source for them online. The few that I did find are still hidden away in obscurity, so here’s making your search much easier! Check out this video that features around half the songs on this playlist and a few more great tracks I haven’t mentioned as well. A quick search on YouTube should lead you to the rest of them easily enough!


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