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Rohan Solomon – Without a Trace is a Soulful Soliloquy: Score Indie Reviews

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Rohan Solomon is a well known singer-songwriter, composer, vocal coach and audio engineer. He is most renowned in the indie scene for his work as the vocalist of Delhi-based Alt-Rock outfit Cyanide. Rohan Solomon showed a proclivity towards music from a very young age and grew up a huge fan of The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson and The Beatles. From the age of 10, he started singing with his mother regularly as she did her classical ‘riyaaz’.

A couple of years later, his cousin taught him the basics of piano and guitar and he started writing songs right away. During the era of Channel V Launchpad and the Great Indian Rock Concerts, Rohan Solomon’s band Cyanide was successful in making its presence felt in significant Indie Rock events of the country. After a successful stint with Cyanide, Rohan Solomon moved to New York and made some great music with his new band By Chance.

While he was in New York, Rohan Solomon was part of a Grammy-Award winning track called Bubblin by Anderson Paak, as an assistant engineer. During the later part of 2019, Rohan Solomon returned to New Delhi and has been working in India since then. He has released his latest solo track “Without a Trace” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

Rohan Solomon has matured a lot as a songwriter and a lyricist since his days with Cyanide. “Without A Trace” is a window into Rohan Solomon’s personal perspectives for the listener. He talks about inherently personal things and shows a level of vulnerability that he has never displayed before.

“Without a Trace” has been co-written by his friend Suhasini Mehta and it came as a welcome relief at a time when he was struggling with a writer’s block. The track is driven by a sweet and simple acoustic guitar rhythm and it’s embellished by some beautiful violin and cello melodies from New York-based artist Tiffany Weiss. Rohan Solomon wrote the additional orchestration with the help of his friend Harshit Verma and was finally able to complete the song.

The performance quality throughout the song is very high. Even though the song has some beautiful instrumental parts, it’s Rohan Solomon’s powerful and soulful voice that drives the song home. His voice has a great and warm tone and he uses inflections well throughout his performance. That adds to the vulnerability that he is trying to convey. 

“Without a Trace” is a well written song with some deeply emotional lyrics and a soul stirring string arrangement. It’s definitely worth multiple listens.

Verdict: Meticulously composed and wonderfully performed.

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