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Sparsh The Band and Siddharth Basrur’s rock anthem Meri Manzil Hai Kaha makes for a great self-discovery song: Score Indie Reviews

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Rock outfit Sparsh The Band and vocalist Siddharth Basrur’s last collaboration Badal was a good-enough soft rock track but the two
collaborators are only getting better and better with their ventures. This is
evident from Meri Manzil Hai Kaha, a glorious anthem charting an
individual’s journey to self-discovery that might be arguably one of Sparsh’s
best songs yet.

Basrur’s vocals are definitely a highlight. He sounds lively, charming, and
full of passion. This song would make for a great live performance in the
distant future, considering how upbeat the overall aura is. Nikhil Pachpande handles the keys and there are some really standout parts in the song that give off a harmonium-like sound. The keys are catchy and certainly give a different flavor to the track without making it too out of place.

Rahul Bhavsar and Shivkumar Dhale have penned the optimistic lyrics.
While the words might not sound the most original. This is mainly because
themes like a person’s journey, hopes for a good future, and the ultimate
destination in life (the ‘manzil’); these have already been covered in several
indie rock anthems over the years. But still the lyrics evoke a sense of hope
that’s much needed and they suit the energetic mood of the song.

In the end, the production too is top-notch and Virendra Kaith’s drums
along with Rahul Bhavsar’s guitaring remains consistently high-spirited and
catchy throughout. Although as mentioned before, Basrur’s vocals (in
especially the chorus) and the keyboard parts definitely add to the song’s
repeatability the most.

Amidst mellow lyrical themes, Meri Manzil Hai Kaha serves as a necessary
boost of keeping hope alive.

Verdict: Meri Manzil Hai Kaha is an A-grade power ballad about self-
discovery in life.

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