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Abhishek feat. Suyash – Dooriyan is an Interesting Number: Score Indie Reviews

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Abhishek Kasegaonkar is a man of many talents. He is a social media consultant, a sound engineer and a musician. Abhishek Kasegaonkar’s songs are “built around a fogged, crepuscular production and feature slow tempos and rumbling bass. His music incorporates samples that are unconventional in the field of R&B production as they also include elements of punk and alternative rock. Unconventional is the perhaps the most apt word to describe Abhishek Kasegaonkar’s latest release “Dooriyan” as well. This interesting mish mash of genres is what we will be reviewing here. Let’s get started.

First things first, you should pay attention to the term “mish mash”. We could’ve used the term “fusion” as well but we felt that it doesn’t do justice to the unpredictable nature of the track. A lot of fusion tracks sound pre-planned and meticulously composed and even though they mix different genres, a lot of them end up sounding quite “safe”.

That doesn’t mean that Abhishek Kasegaonkar has just thrown some notes together in a haphazard manner and released it as a “song”. What we are trying to say is that Dooriyan carries a lot of unpredictable freshness with it. It’s not some weird sounding Math Rock number from The Mars Volta but it does sound refreshing and exciting. Let’s just say you will be more pleasantly surprised than shocked when you listen to it.

The classical sounding melodies (both vocal and instrumental) layered over the international sounding rhythm section and rumbling bass give the song a very unique and distinct flavour. “Dooriyan” is quite well produced as well and doesn’t sound lacking in any aspect. All the individual elements of the mish mash get their chance to shine without overpowering one another, making “Dooriyan” far greater than the sum of its parts. 

Even though the song is unconventional, you can totally dance to it. So press play and hit the floor.

Verdict: Refreshingly original and interesting.

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