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Sparsh The Band and Siddharth Basrur’s cloudy, optimistic single is aptly titled Baadal: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai alt-rockers Sparsh The Band joined forces with vocalist
Siddharth Basrur for a positive-sounding soft rock song called Baadal.
There’s something about the keys in the intro that might remind listeners
of the opening notes of Journey’s classic rock anthem Don’t Stop
Believing. Then Basrur’s vocals also brim with a hint of nostalgia of past
Hindi rockers of the indie scene like Strings and Jal the Band. And yet
despite these resemblances, Baadal works well enough as a song in its
own footing.

But footing would be a wrong word to use here as for Sparsh and
Basrur, the sky is the limit in Baadal. Its abstract poetry metaphorically
describes human beings as turning into clouds. Keyboardist Nikhil
Pachpande’s lyrics also delve on a Utopian world where we can all fill
each other’s lives with knowledge, happiness, and peace in the journey
of life.

The song is good old rock with hardly any experimentation while
managing to hold the listeners’ attention for its nearly-5-minute-long
duration. It’s an uplifting collaboration in the end that will end up leaving
you heavily optimistic with the little humanity that’s left in civilization.

Verdict: Sounding like a good 2000s Indie soft rock ballad, Baadal is
definitely worth checking out if you need some optimism.

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