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Paranox and Madhur Khandelwal’s Dosti has great potential to be a friendship anthem: Score Indie Reviews

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Paranox produces a variety of trap and bass sounds and his latest discography includes a very optimistic and melodious track called Dosti. The title speaks for itself as it’s an electronic friendship anthem that suitably dropped around the same time as what Gen-Z like to call the ‘Friendship Day’!                                                                                  

Dosti is heavy on feel-good vibes with smooth-sounding vocals by Madhur Khandelwal and catchy well-crafted beat drops by Paranox. Don’t expect any sophistication in the Khandelwal’s Hindi lyrics as they do evoke a sense of cliched yet heart-warming poetry. The song might not be something totally new but it still delivers the positive vibes that it hints at.            

The DJ claims the song is dedicated his two dogs Oscar and Leo. This is put to visual form too as the song is accompanied with an equally adorable video featuring Paranox playing with his furry, canine friends. 

Verdict: Dosti isn’t something new but it works well as a warm friendship

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