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Sid Paul’s Zehnaseeb is an ambient and fresh love ballad: Score Indie Reviews

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For a song called Zehnaseeb (which already is a Bollywood romantic number by Vishal Shekhar), the usual listener would expect a simple, acoustic arrangement with a laid back vocal style. After all, that has become the norm for the usual lot of recent indie pop songs. This is particularly true in the case of tracks with romantic subtext. 

Sid Paul‘s Zehnaseeb, on the other hand, evokes a livelier approach with a more electronic-style production. The lyrics center around yearning for a lover and might sound mellow but Paul’s multiple vocal layers and the upbeat production are enough to engage the listener. 

Instead of the usual oversatured “Prateek Kuhad-like” crooning, Sid Paul relies on his own style. Hardly does he sound forcefully emotive and neither does he feel like he’s mimicking a particular indie subculture. 
It’s an adequately paced pop number that is suited for a late-night drive, a morning walk, or any other activity that would keep you energetic. 

The chorus is heavily catchy with hints of new-age Bollywood and club genres. The aforementioned vocal layers make the song complete, particularly in the verses. After a bout of ambient electric guitars in the pre-chorus, a series of clap drums greet the chorus followed by a dramatic violin crescendo. 

A simple acoustic fingerpicking or strumming pattern of production can of course, has its own charm in the indie pop genre. However, in recent times, this style of production has become extremely formulaic to the point of lethargy. In this context, a song like Zehnaseeb with a fresh sound and multi-instrumentalist approach feels like it was much-needed. Add Sid Paul’s new track in your playlists if you need a new sound for a romantic ballad. 

Verdict: Refreshing, and romantic. 

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