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Shashaa Tirupati Ft. Papon & Sid Paul – Siyaahii is an Ode to Indelible Love: Score Indie Reviews

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Award winning Indo-Canadian singer Shashaa Tirupati knows how to write a love song. She knows how to come with the phrases that are extremely romantic but never cheesy. Her abilities are on full display on her latest offering “Siyaahii”. For the song, she has collaborated with famous Assamese singer Anurag Mahanta aka Papon and producer extraordinaire Sid Paul

“Siyaahii” or ink is a great symbol of something that is permanent and Shashaa Tirupati has woven her words beautifully around the concept throughout the track. When you listen to this track, you will know exactly what she is talking about. It is very tough to produce music that can transport the listener to a particular scenario but “Siyaahii” has the power to do just that.

The serene vibe of the song immediately reminds you of the indelible effect some people can have in your life. Their profound impact ends up getting inked in your heart. All of us have flaws and scars in life and sometimes it’s someone’s love, care, and sacrifice that helps us heal from it. Papon and Shashaa Tirupati truly bring the verse, chorus, and outro to life with their awesome vocal chops, giving the song an almost cinematically gorgeous vibe.

The song starts with a beautiful piano melody set against a solid beat that does a great job of setting up the song’s rhythm before Papon’s warm voice kicks in and takes you through the first verse and chorus. After that Shashaa Tirupati enters the fray with her stunning voice for the Antara. Once that’s done, both the awesome singers join forces to take the song home to a glorious finish. 

Even though both Shashaa Tirupati and Papon have the ability to be very theatrical with their delivery, they have shown a great amount of restraint in this song and have let their voices simmer along with the song’s soft musical arrangement. The minimalist lyrics and soft singing style are accompanied by an almost perfect production of Sid Paul which isn’t even slightly heavy-handed. The instrumental arrangement is completely adequate, with just enough flourishes to embellish the song without overpowering the singers. 

The song’s music video was shot in Vancouver, Canada where Shashaa Tirupati stays, and Assam, where Papon stays. It’s incredible how artists are continuously finding new and ingenious ways to record music videos despite the pandemic.

Verdict: A celebration of love’s healing power.

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