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Dev Makes Music makes an energetic pop-punk number with Hair Tie: Score Indie Reviews

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20-year-old Dev Makes Music aka Dev Modi incorporates a pop-punk sonic aesthetic in his latest single Hair Tie. As the singer himself states, there is a strong Blink-182-like vibe to the track.

While mainstream pop-punk had its moments to shine in the 1990s and 2000s, the genre is facing a slight resurgence with even hip-hop artists like Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD transition to a punk sound (thanks to Blink-182 drummer and regular collaborator Travis Barker).

Coming back to Modi’s single, Hair Tie definitely has that Western touch but he owns it pretty well with an instantly upbeat production. Having been a pianist and guitarist, he has enough skills to back up his vocals. And then, of course, the fast-paced drumming is groovy enough to make you bob your head.

The song’s pop-punk nature might seem formulaic for some but if you need a song to just cheer up, then Hair Tie deserves to be in your playlist. The influences are evident but it is a great start for the singer/songwriter/producer who has just started out. It will be interesting to see what sounds would his future releases evoke. As for now, Hair Tie is a fun-filled 3-minute ride that you can listen to even if pop-punk might not be our cup of tea.

If you grew up in the 2000s, then the song also carries a sense of nostalgia that is unexplainable in words (only to be experienced through the music, as cliched as it sounds). This makes sense given how the artist himself has grown up in this era and recently got out of his teenage. In the end, Dev Makes Music does have future potential at making music and making vibes.

Verdict: Upbeat pop-punk energy.

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