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Shweta Srivastava’s “Paradise” is all about Love and Expectations – Score Indie Reviews

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We humans are an interesting species. We want someone, and then when we get them we have expectations from them. We make our heavens around those expectations. But we do not express them, we keep it hidden deep inside our hearts and only hint it to our significant others.

For some lucky ones, the message is received and reciprocated. This song “Paradise” by Mumbai-based Singer-SongWriter Shweta Srivastava laces those expectations and emotions hidden inside as lyrics with some of the purest melodies which definitely touch heartstrings.

“I know it’s you babe,

I want to be, I need to be around; surround me.” 

As these lines hit our ears her soulful voice surrounds us just like we want our partners to surround us, keep us close and protect us. The song then expresses a lover’s wishes for their partner to show them how important they are, how much they mean, how one doesn’t want to part from them. The song is like a letter one can post to express their love.

Produced by Sagar Dhote, song is an amalgamation of neo soul, pop, and electronic music. It also showcases Shweta’s background in music of being a performer over 15 years. The way she sings is quite raw and authentic. Also great to hear are those hidden melodies by Shweta in back of the mix which mirror our hidden emotions

The message of the song clearly aligns with what Shweta’s genre-bending music is rooted in – emotions – the song is all about hidden emotions we have for our lovers; authenticity and relatability – as much as the emotion behind the song is intimate, it is relatable at the same time.

Every single one of us has these emotions we want to express to people we love. So for anyone who would like to convey their emotions this song is a perfect recommendation. Go ahead and share it to the ones you want to say the most to but always fall short on words.

Verdict: Intimate yet relatable and lyrical.

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