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Shweta Srivastava’s Home treads familiar territory but also delivers on the “feels” -Score Indie Reviews

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From Phillip Phillips’s song in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack to Akshit Dhall’s melancholic indie single, you know that it is going to be emotional when a song is called “Home”. Shweta Srivastava joins the ranks of singers who have used the generic word as a song title. But despite the cliches, it is exciting to see how different songwriters and singers interpret the concept of home. Shweta Srivastava’s ode to missing her home is no exception. 

Before we get into her vocals and lyrics, it is worth mentioning that The Yellow Diary alumnus Himonshu Parikh serves as the producer. A song like this could have succumbed to a familiar and overdone Prateek Kuhad-like acoustic guitar sound but instead, Parikh and Srivastava decide to follow a more multi-instrumental approach. And it does work. 

Srivastava’s yearning to head back home and indulge in the subsequent warmth and comfort is a feeling that many listeners would relate to, especially if they live in cities far away from home. Sometimes, amidst the chaos of everyday work, one needs to slow down. Home serves as that perfect song that is needed to unwind in this context. 

In the end, Shweta Srivatava’s Home might not rely on the most original of ideas but the overall warmth that her airy vocals and nostalgic lyrics emulate makes it a new release worthy of your playlists. 

Verdict: A warm ode to the comfort of one’s home. 

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