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The Burst of Positivity and A Feel Good Factor in Priyanka Nath’s ‘Stay With Me’ Has An Undeniable Charm – Score Indie Reviews

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The Burst of Positivity and A Feel Good Factor in Priyanka Nath’s ‘Stay With Me’ Has An Undeniable Charm.

“It’s been a while now 

Since we left our hearts astray

I’ve been falling down

Won’t you save me this time too

Stay with me

Hold my hand

Come lay with me

Stealing hearts around

Like you did mine now

And it’s true

‘Cause it’s true.”

These lyrics wash you over with a familiar feeling of falling in love for the first time, which is why this country-style pop song works its magic to bring a soothing sensation to the ears. Priyanka Nath, who has many songs to her credit, has a nice and serene tone to her voice that makes her tracks very pleasing. Most of the songs have relatable lyrics that one can connect with since they have a connection to the innate self.

The music itself is very catchy and can be sung along with utmost ease with a blend of simple guitar strumming and uptempo drum beats. I felt that it sounds similar to the Taylor Swift genre of songs that have simple lyrics about love and a very smooth backtrack. Nevertheless, ‘Stay With Me’ still has a feel-good factor and a certain soul, which many songs are devoid of today. 

On the other hand, you can find such songs in a jiffy on Youtube and Spotify, as it does not bring any unique sound to the table. It often feels like a song that is played in an American rom-com which blends amazingly well with the ongoing scenes but then becomes forgettable after a while. Still, this song is a good track overall and can be listened to on a car ride with your loved one as you get engrossed by the spark of the enigmatic moment.

Verdict: Country, Peppy, Lyrical

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