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A Dream Like Quality is Perfectly Captured in ‘Yearning’ by Chirag Todi with Vocals by Anubha Kaul – Score Indie Reviews

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Chirag Todi is a songwriter and guitarist based in Ahmedabad whose compositions have made him win prestigious awards like the Nexa Music Award and Clef Music Award. Having worked with geniuses like A.R. Rahman, Clinton Cerejo, and Mikey McCleary, this music wonder has even been featured on the cover of Rolling Stone India Magazine and Spotify Radar India Playlist. His single ‘Desire’ won him the best single of 2020 by Rolling Stone India.

Now, his latest single, ‘Yearning,’ is setting the music industry abuzz with its superbly written lyrics, masterful composition and the vocal prowess of Anubha Kaul. Her experimentation with her artistry defines what music is all about – breaking boundaries. This track is a concoction of many music genres, which makes it hard to pick out one. The jazzy quality of Anubha’s voice, along with the mixture of rock and jazzy beats, is a lethal combination. 

The lyrics are very well written and have a poetic concentration on the kingdom of dreams where nothing is impossible. The lyrics are as follows: 

“Lost in the lure of these 

Faraway dreams, I see

Solo I

Follow I

Pictures I painted on

Ever-shifting open skies

Dreamer I

Don’t know why.”

Each line has an interpretation of the heart’s ability to not be restrained in the caged world, which wants to fly to faraway lands and safely dream in the vicinity of that carefreeness. 

This three minutes and twenty-eight seconds is packed with a spectacular display of the power of good music. The sultry and evocative voice of Anubha Kaul rings through the ear long after the song is over, which makes this song phenomenally good. Chirag Todi casts his magic on this one, which I know will sit firmly in my playlist for a long time. 

Verdict: Jazzy Vibe, Great Guitar Riff, Scintillating

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