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Zindagi – SHOR ft. Raghav Meattle- Score Indie Reviews

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What would life be like “where we don’t continually struggle with inner conflicts and unwarranted negativity”? Ask SHOR. 

SHOR (Rohan Shetty) takes on a familiar feeling – the ever-present anxiety that things are going wrong. He is joined by friend and generally adored singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle, who lends voice to his and his comrade’s longing for utopia. 

As artists facing constant uncertainty in a dog-eat-dog industry, Raghav and SHOR present a vision of self-assurance, a quality often beaten out of the struggling creative by an unforgiving world.

Ab andhere se mein darta nahi

Tum mile ho toh kya fikar

Jab tum udoge, hawa ko mehsoos kar

Mein bhi rahoonga, Kaafi hai hum

As always, Raghav’s voice is redolent with uncomplicated warmth. Even though he draws from his own experiences (out of a matchbox-sized Mumbai room), what he sings about sounds as familiar as bad-office-coffee and bad-dates-over-good-coffee.

SHOR swoops in with a breezy but eventful synthesis of beats, lathered with the slightest dissonance. His sound expresses the fuzzy dreamlike quality synonymous with our deepest fantasies. Yet, he manages to keep listeners bopping: his sound features a slithering precision that makes boredom impossible. 

Revealing his motivations behind the song, SHOR says, “I wrote this song when I found it really hard to manage my anxiety and basically shut down until I reached a point, mentally, where I felt like things could only get better. The song is a take on what it would mean to live in a world where we don’t continually struggle with inner conflicts and unwarranted negativity.

A beautiful thought, wouldn’t you say?

Verdict: SHOR’s electro-pop pleasantry meets Raghav Meattle’s uncanny ability to captivate every time. Good things follow. 

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