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Be Easy is a bluesy amalgamation of Chirag Todi and Yohan Marshall’s talents: Score Indie Reviews

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Chirag Todi‘s new single Be Easy comes from his upcoming EP (titled Panodrama). The extremely smooth and easygoing approach makes the song live up to its title. While Todi handles the guitaring, featured guest Yohan Marshall is behind the vocals and the drums. 

Marshall also pens the lyrics that seem to detail the self-doubt and anxiousness that the protagonist sees in someone. The lines from the hook, ‘Be easy, I won’t let you just crash before the flight’ shows the desire of the songwriter to protect this certain someone before matters grow more worrisome. In a way, the lyrics can also imply the artist’s journey of saving himself from impending doom but the accompanying animated video makes it look like this is the story of a confused couple. 

There can be several deep interpretations but the production behind Be Easy (courtesy of Raag Sethi) is pretty upbeat and lightening. You don’t need to concentrate much in order to truly appreciate this track. A standout member from the crew behind Be Easy is Abhay Sharma who plays the saxophone. Sharma’s skills get highlighted especially towards the song’s third act when it picks up pace. 

The aforementioned video too is pretty well made and animator/director Chirag Chaudhary deserves full credit for the same. There are all sorts of surreal frames in the music video rather than generic vector animation set against gentle primary colours. Be Easy’s visuals instead brim with shades of dark blue with expressive scenes like the final shot of the video’s protagonists hugging each other as white feathers pop out. The visuals are poetic in themselves, contrasting with the light, casual tone of the song. 

Verdict: Be Easy seems to mix several tones and influences to create a catchy bluesy tune. 

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