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Khwaab ft Raghav Meattle’s Parchayi is a moving tribute that makes for an ambient experience: Score Indie Reviews

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Producer/songwriter Nishant Nagar aka Khwaab has penned a soothing tune dedicated to his late mother with Parchayi (that translates to Shadow). True to Khwaab’s general discography, the instrumentation is calm and ambient, almost creating a spiritual experience for the listener’s brain. For the vocals, he’s aided by Indie heartthrob and fellow Mumbai-based artist Raghav Meattle. While Meattle has sung and performed various heartfelt songs in English, it’s interesting to see him perform the entirety of Parchayi in Hindi. True to his usual style, Meattle strikes the perfect balance of being emotive and not so emotive simultaneously. His usual calmed-down, laidback, positive vibe is evoked yet again in his vocals for Parchayi.

The emotional aspects of the song gets evident from the lyrics and Raghav Meattle’s soothing vocals, while the backing track elevates it to a transcendental level. It’s indeed up sounding to an “other worldly” level of tranquility, probably what Khwaab might have aimed for. Thematically too, the philosophical and realistic undertones along with the metaphor of “Parchayi sawaalon ki” (the shadow of questions) fits well with the chill-pop/trance pop-like music. 

This is one song that deserves to be heard properly, on a good-enough set of headphones to fully take in the layers of the production. In an independent scene when electronica is being over saturated with classical fusion sounds or heavy bass drops, Khwaab can very well bring about a new wave of a dreamy, toned down brand of electronic music. Khwaab boasts of a lot of originality with hardly no pre-tense attached to his new single.

Verdict: A dreamy song that can calm anyone and everyone’s nerves.

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