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Shilpa Natarajan’s Mer Song is quite an amusing perspective of an underwater creature: Score Indie Reviews

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Mer Song is quite a unique single compared to other indie releases, whether it be in terms of its production or just perspective. The song written and performed by Shilpa Natarajan details the everyday life of a mer-person. Expect a lot of mentions of the sea and sandcastle. The song has an innocent, naive tone to it that’s further accelerated by Alok Mervin’s production that’s rich in ‘Toytronica’.

For those who are unacquainted with this genre, Toytronica emerged sometime in the 90s. As the name suggests, there are influences of electronica combined with the sounds of toy-like instruments such as the xylophone. Mervin’s instrumentation adds to the carefree nature of the song, leading to a pretty different and soothing audio experience for the listeners. Natarajan’s vocals are on point. Thankfully, she doesn’t force herself to sound kiddish otherwise the song might have ended up sounding like a nursery rhyme or a Muppets song.

She seems to be well aware of the simplstic yet surreal nature of her lyrics and adds her own grace to make Mer Song sound as calming as possible. In an oversaturated pop scene, when every other artist seems to get philosophical on love and life,Shilpa Natarajan’s Mer Song seems to be surfing on a ‘fresh wave’ (no pun intended).

Verdict: Mer Song is pretty random in terms of its perspective of a ‘mer person’ and its ‘toys+electronica’ sound. Should this random song be a random discovery on your playlist? Definitely yes!

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