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Indie Review: Haunted by Shilpa Natarajan

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A sense of being haunted by trauma and getting out of it. Vocalist Shilpa
Natarajan deals with such themes in her new single Haunted. Natarajan’s
haunting voice suits the song perfectly as even her background vocals also

Then, the production value of the song gets elevated with a medley of
guitars, bass, and tablas adding a muted, dark fusion element to
Natarajan’s single. The singer seems to be in full command of the mellow,
tragic story that she narrates in her lyrics. A standout line that haunts
listeners has to be the fading outro, ‘In that trigger zone, will you ever be

As mentioned before, Natarajan’s background vocals are also a significant
highlight of the track. While the songstress sings her verses in English, she
seems to be humming Carnatic-influenced classical notes as each line
progresses. It creates a dramatic yet ambient vibe overall for the song then,
despite its lyrical content being of a darker nature.

Verdict: Haunted has a lot to offer and to haunt its listeners from its mellow
instrumental fusion to versatile vocals.

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