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Ashwin Bhaskar’s Let Me Be Alone is an upbeat and carfree pop track: Score Indie Reviews

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Ashwin Bhaskar, the singer-songwriter from Kerala, has recently released his single titled Let Me Be Alone. Contrasting with the feelings of solitude that the title might suggest, the song actually has a slight club-like vibe making it sound like a slow alt-pop jam.Bhaskar’s vocals are smooth as the song’s pace is uniform throughout. In terms of lyrics, he seems to confront with the cynical and pessimistic side of his personality.

He seems to be having a conversation with this dark side, hoping to reach a positive conclusion. The concept is definitely interesting and slightly unexpected; otherwise the beats might initially make one think that this is just another one of those songs about the singer trying to find love in a club. The artist’s influences mostly include English-language pop artists and this reflects in his aura.

His contemporary pop (and borderline R&B) vibe helps in striking quite a balanced atmosphere. He is not sounding too electronica-influenced, and neither is he bordering towards a cliched territory with simple acoustic melodies. The whole soundscape and his laidback vocal style on Let Me Be Alone might just win Ashwin Bhaskar some new fans internationally too. It’s not like this track is extremely visionary but it’s still heavy on good vibes and a relaxing atmosphere and maybe, that’s what listeners need at times. Bhaskar definitely seems to have plenty of potential in the alt pop sound that he’s trying his hand on. 

Verdict: A chilled-out yet introspective tune.

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