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Anoushka Maskey – September Embers is Glowing: Score Indie Reviews

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Anoushka Maskey has been one of the most prolific singer songwriters of 2020’s Indie scene. The Sikkim-Bangalore-Mumbai based artist released her debut EP “Things I Saw In A Dream” earlier this year. However, the prolific Maskey didn’t stop with that and has continued making more music. She draws her songwriting inspiration from day-to-day events and wishes to build a relationship with her listeners. With roots set in folk music and a fondness for storytelling, Anoushka Maskey often inserts anecdotes and references to incidents that inspired her music, in her lyrics. Does her latest track ‘September Embers’  continue building on her brand of storytelling? Let’s find out. 

Anoushka Maskey penned “September Embers” for and about people who make a habit of constantly giving, despite it often being at the cost of their own well-being. She was primarily inspired by a desire to help people like her mother out of their situations, shake them, and make them realize that while “maybe all the sacrifices will come down as rain/ pour over the drought that stretches over this terrain” they need to “recognize a landslide building” and learn to prioritize themself and not make a habit of getting trampled on.

September is the time of the year that heralds the imminent end of the year. However, it isn’t actually the end and it still leaves people with enough time to bring about some radical changes before the year ends for good. “September Embers” refers to the fire in Anoushka Maskey’s heart that makes her hopeful and confident that within that time, she can help her mother out of her struggle, and lead her into a fresh new year.

After a great EP, Anoushka Maskey hasn’t shown any sign of a sophomoric slump and has continued her top notch performance in “September Embers” also. Her unique vocal tone and delivery style infuse the lyrics with a lot of feeling and originality. While the song stems from a gritty, dark part of her life, the quirky music video represents the way Anoushka Maskey handled herself during those times, masking a heavy mind and emotions that she did not want to share with the world. We are happy to report that this juxtaposition of extremes works wonderfully well. 

“September Embers” isn’t musically minimalist or overstuffed. However, it does lean more towards the minimalist side and that’s a creative choice that works very well for Anoushka Maskey’s style. Props to producer and engineer Pranay Bakshi for striking the perfect balance. Sahil Mathew’s bass gives a good foundation for this song to ride on. The quirky video features shots by Anoushka Maskey which have been woven together wonderfully by Swapnoneal Chatterjee. Hunaid Nagaria has handled the typography very well.

While “September Embers” is definitely not meant for mainstream commercial success, it has all the makings of a sleeper indie hit. Let’s see how it goes.

Verdict: Smolders, flickers, shimmers, and warms your heart.

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