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Shefali Alvares & Raajeev V Bhalla – Aadat: Score Indie Reviews

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Popularly known as the ‘Voice of a Party’, Shefali Alvares is a versatile singer who can pull off classical to contemporary style of music and still set the stage on fire. She has had tremendous success as a playback singer in Bollywood with hits like ‘Subha Hone Na De’, ‘O Gujariya’, ‘Badtameez Dil’, G Phaad ke, Tattoo, ABCD, and Beech Beech mein.

She has also released non-film music such as ‘Kiss the Song’, ‘Come and get me now’ and more recently, ‘Beishqi Galiyaan’ with Benny Dayal. The prolific songstress is back with her latest track, an electronica original called ‘Aadat’. The song is a collaboration with singer-songwriter Raajeev V Bhalla and that’s what we are reviewing here.

Straight off the bat, let’s make one thing clear, “Aadat” it’s a club banger and has the power to be a perennial party anthem. The song has been composed, written and produced by Raajeev V Bhalla and it stands out musically because of its experimental sounds and infectious bass line. Shefali Alvares infuses the groovy music with the delectable sultriness of her jazz influenced voice. Her vocal timbre is really unique and you can identify her voice among a thousand others. 

Thematically, “Aadat” deals with extra marital relationships and the toll it takes on the woman at the wrong end of it. Shefali Alvares does a wonderful job of expressing the anguish in a unique way. Usually, songs on such themes tend to sound angry or sad.

But Shefali Alvares’ has performed it in a way that conveys sadness, without encumbering the song down and making it impossible to dance to. That’s a very good thing because at its heart, “Aadat” is a great track to dance to. The whispers of Rajeev V Bhalla during the verses add another funky touch to the song and his words will continue to be lip synced by dancers on the floor for a long time. 

“Aadat” features a winning combination of Shefali Alvares’ unique voice and dynamic delivery, along with a groovy, uptempo musical composition by Rajeev V Bhalla that is bound to keep many feet moving for a long time.

Verdict: Great for building a dance habit.

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