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Ashwin Naik’s debut single Wait is an exercise in patience: Score Indie Reviews

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Out of all music genres, the indie-pop scene never seems to have a dearth of tenants checking in at the ‘heartbreak hotel’. Similarly, Pune-based singer-songwriter Ashwin Naik’s new debut single Wait is a mellow testament of what seems like a troubled relationship. 

The song’s protagonist seems to accept his fate with his partner, accepting the fact that their journey might soon end. But still, as the listeners proceed towards the chorus, he seems to build up hope and wishes to make it through it all, and just ‘wait’…

Just like the themes of the song, the vocals and the instrumental are hushed and sullen, suited for a moody, wintry evening. Naik’s vocals are comparable to a few other current indie singers but are soothing enough to stand their own ground. Lyrically, the themes aren’t that new but the overall ambiance that Naik sets in the song finely. 

The production might have just well been on just an acoustic guitar or the ukulele for a song like this, but Wait rather relies on richer instrumentation. Mellow drums play in some parts, and right before the track reaches its third minute, a pacifying string composition graces the song. That instrumental bridge in particular, has to be one of the best parts of Wait. 

So, if you too feel the heartbreak blues or are on an uncertain stage in your relationship, give Wait a listen. Maybe, you would gather the patience to think clearly and just wait…

Verdict: A pensive set of human musings in the midst of a separation. 

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