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Rishikesh native Gazing Wrmth makes us believe in some good, old electronica with Believe: Score Indie Reviews

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Rishikesh-based producer Gazing Wrmth’s single Believe is a conventional electronic track. It might not boast any sophisticated classical/electro-fusion (as has become the norm with various DJs post-Ritviz’s rise to fame), neither is it an electro house ‘club banger’ of sorts. It is a simple, feel-good song that can make one nostalgic for the decade gone by when artists like Avicii and Calvin Harris’ tracks used to top the charts.

Coming to more recent examples, one can hear traces of artists like Sigala or Galantis in Believe.  Even though the Indian electronic scene has undergone experimentations to great levels, the electronica genre has been pretty redundant on the Euro-centric international level. In that regard, Gazing Wrmth’s track is a callback to simpler times. His upbeat synths and vocal stems follow a conventional route with a verse, a chorus featuring a repetitive line (‘I believe’ in this case), followed by a positive-sounding instrumental interlude. 

Clocking at roughly over 2 minutes and 40 seconds, the song’s hook is increasingly catchy and not dragged at all, making it suitable enough to be played on repeat. As mentioned before, Believe might not be the most unique EDM track in the Indian independent music scene right now, but its optimistic aura combined with a fast-paced composition totally makes it worth listening to. 

The lyrical elements of the song might not sound the freshest but it’s interesting to note how they stem out of the producer‘s own coming-of-age. He has had troubles while growing up, in finding someone who can be mutually compatible with him. But rather than wallowing in melancholia, he chooses to ‘believe’ in someone who can love him and offer a helping hand even if he’s broken. Considering that Believe is Gazing Wrmth’s debut track, it will be amusing to see how his future discography would sound like. Till then, one can truly hope and ‘believe’ in the best. 

Verdict: Simple, feel-good electronic music to its finest and most nostalgic best. 

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