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Prateek Gandhi ft Benny Dayal & Shefali Alvares’s Beishqi Galiyaan is a breezy love anthem high on good vibes: Score Indie Reviews

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Beishqi Galiyaan seems to be the perfect love anthem with a soothing and extremely catchy composition by Prateek Gandhi featuring vocals from Shefali Alvares and Benny Dayal. There’s a lot to like in this collaboration from the vocals to the visuals.

Kristy De Cunha directs a surreal video that depicts both singers in surreal
sittings. While Dayal croons against vibrant, floral backgrounds, Alvares
harmonizes and sings while bandaging her eyes in a visually stunning
setting. The artistic frames from the video evoke a sense of distance that
many lovers might be facing in this season of lockdowns and quarantines.

The comforting music video perfectly suits the overall tones of the song.
The music is driven on light guitaring that makes for perfect mellow
nighttime listening sessions. It’s good to hear both the featured guest stars
channel their emotional and vulnerable selves in this intensely romantic
ballad. Both singers have anyway established themselves as Bollywood
vocalists. Their work on singles like these only go on to show the versatility
they boast of.

Parul Narda’s lyrics are slightly simplistic but are poetic enough to
complement with the singers’ soulful voices. Often, recent releases on
romantic emotions have been following either an extremely acoustic route
or an electric tone. To put it in a nutshell, there has been a slight
oversaturation in the romantic genre.

It’s amongst this saturation Prateek Gandhi strikes the perfect balance
between the two worlds to make for an effortlessly elegant tune that
thankfully doesn’t end up being too cliched, given its themes. In the end,
Beishqi Galiyaan is a breath of fresh air.

Verdict: Beishqi Galiyaan is an intensely emotional love ballad that suits the
recent lockdown season.

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