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Zenith ft. Danish Sood – Waqt Tham Gaya Kahin Talks About Self Love: Score Indie Reviews

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Shark & Ink’s partnership with Currious List has already resulted in the beautiful short film called Flow, a thought provoking film based on self-love and self-discovery that draws attention to one’s mental being during a time like this. Flow is the second short film directed by Archit Kumar; who is more popularly known for his work in the Bollywood industry (Sultan, Gunjan Saxena, Manikarnika, etc). Flow was met with widespread critical acclaim upon its release last week.

As an accompaniment to this splendid short film, Shark & Ink brought their talented artist Zenith on board to create a beautiful song. Zenith is famous for his work as a dance music producer but with this track, “Waqt Tham Gaya Kahin”, he also shows his incredible versatility. This is the first indie venture of the popular music producer and he has created a song that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the film.

“Waqt Tham Gaya Kahin” is an expression of how each of us is so consumed by the flow of everything around us that we don’t stop to think about ourselves and actually enjoy the journey. Promising actor Danish Sood, who also plays the protagonist in Flow, handles the vocal duties on the track, and does a pretty good job at it.

The song embraces the essence of self-love and self-discovery, which a lot of people forget to do while caught up in this rat race, we call life. While battling between the repercussions of this pandemic and the frustration of not being able to get a break from the once 9-5 job (now a 9-9 job), the song asks people to stop for a moment, and reflect on what one’s true purpose in life is. We’ve all been taught that life is about relentlessly delivering and achieving. But is that the true meaning of life? That’s what the song wants to discover.

Musically, the song starts with Danish Sood humming the main melody of the song. Then the minimalist musical arrangement kicks in and the Sood’s voice floats effortlessly over it. It’s an extremely hummable song and the extremely resonant subject material of the track is bound to have you humming it after just a few listens. 

The artwork for the single is very symbolic in its representation of oneself with regards to time and the renewed hope that comes with each new day. It’s something we need more than anything else right now.

Verdict: A song for the moments you can’t seem to get out of.

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