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Sid Paul Ft. Shashaa Tirupati- Raat is Blissful: Score Indie Reviews

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Sid Paul, the supremely talented music composer and producer from Mumbai has joined forces with the National Award winning singer Shashaa Tirupati for his brand new track called “Raat”. Earlier in the year, Sid Paul had also teamed up with singer Nikhil Shetty and released his track “Zindagi Isi Ka Naam Hai” to celebrate the spirit of survival in the people during the COVID-19 crisis.

While the 24 year old Sid Paul is an extremely talented composer and producer, his work has been taken to the next level by the vocal performance of a singer of the calibre of Shashaa Tirupati. More on that later. Let’s talk about how the song came to be in the first place. The idea of “Raat” was born during a night (how apt) in 2018. While recording in the studio, Sid Paul’s sampling with the strings eventually ended up in him writing down the verses to the song. He then approached his friend, Indo-Canadian singer Shashaa Tirupati to record a scratch vocal performance for it.

With the scratch at hand, Sid Paul teamed up with bassist extraordinaire Nishant Nagar aka Khwab and worked on building the song around Shashaa Tirupati’s scratch. Once all the parts were written and arranged, Shashaa Tirupati recorded the final vocals and sent them over from Vancouver during the lockdown. Let’s see how it all turned out to be. 

“Raat” starts with a soothing intro with a snappy (literally) beat underneath. Shashaa Tirupati’s vocals kick in and they sound smoother than honey smeared over molten dark chocolate. Her voice has a very rich timbre and she enunciates the lyrics with a lot of soul and conviction. With her vocal performance, Shashaa Tirupati evokes the feeling of a calming walk in the blissful silence of the night and that’s thematically as perfect as it could be.

Musically, the song has a rich variety of interesting instruments that come together very well to provide a great bed for Shashaa Tirupati to layer her fabulous vocals on. While Sid Paul has done a great job writing this song, he has perhaps done an even better job producing it. The arrangements and musical choices are almost perfect.

“Raat” also has a beautifully drawn and animated music video that features hand drawn versions of Sid Paul and Shashaa Tirupati going on a walk down an alley bathed in the purple glow of night. Definitely worth checking out.

Even though “Raat” is lyrically about heartbreak, it is definitely a song you would enjoy listening on a relaxing night drive with your lover. 

Verdict: A perfect soundtrack to help you seek the beauty in darkness.

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